Golden Tate, Seahawks Celebrate With Fail Mary Ref At Celebrity Softball Tourney

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Easely and Tate Fail Mary

So there I was enjoying a long weekend, doing American things over the 4th of July and the subsequent 4 days off of work that I had. Drinking whiskey, grilling, blasting off fireworks and watching bald eagles swoop from above, double fisting semi-automatic assault weapons blasting numerous rounds into the sky. Maybe that was the whiskey. Either way, I was going America all over this 4th weekend and having a blast. That is until Seahawks’ loudmouth CB Richard Sherman decided to piss on my parade along with Golden Tate and the one and only Lance Easley.

If the name sounds familiar, that means that his publicist has been doing their job right. If not let me refresh you. It may be hard to remember but the 2012 season was tainted during the preseason and first few weeks of the regular season by replacement referees. There were numerous complaints about missed calls and pathetic officiating but none will trump the call made in the Green Bay/Seattle game. Not in 2012, maybe not ever.

Most of you know that I am a diehard Packers fan and I will admit that I got extremely butt hurt over the game winning interception thrown by Russell Wilson, which has now become known as the “fail mary”. The Packers were up 12-7 as the Wilson and the Seahawks had the ball 4th and 10, just 24 yards from the end-zone and just a few seconds left on the clock. Wilson threw a pass into the end-zone with no time left on the clock, Golden Tate pushes off of Packers CB Sam Shields knocking him to the ground but did not draw an offensive pass interference call. Tate and Packers safety M.D. Jennings leaped for the ball and it looked as if Jennings intercepted the ball and then Tate’s hands come in later.

Both men are on the ground in the end-zone with their hands on the ball, waiting for the officiating crew to make their decisions. One crew member signaled for a touchback, meaning the play ended in an interception, while another stuck his hands high in the air signaling touchdown. The old interceptouchdown eh? Looking back it is kind of comical, the two look at each other like “ok, your going to rule this way right?” and the other’s like “let’s do this” and then they both make different rulings and both are left thinking “oh shit!”

Back judge Derrick Rhone-Dunn called for an official’s timeout, hoping for more time to discuss the play’s events, but Easley thought there was enough evidence to rule it a game winning touchdown. Luckily, the NFL had instituted a rule that every scoring play would be reviewed and thus the bogus touchdown would be overruled and the Packers would prevail. At least in my eyes and any other football fans eyes, unless they’re fans of the Seahawks or a rival NFC North team, that was the case. It turns out that replay official Howard Slavin and head referee Wayne Elliott determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the call and it would remain a touchdown.

After they got the players back on the field for the extra point, the game would end in a 13-12 Seahawks victory. Immediately there was an uproar and the sporting world went nuts, leading to the most watched Sportscenter in ESPN history at the time. It would lead to a deal being struck between the NFL and the referee’s union and the world would move on. NOT ME! This loss had a much bigger impact than just a single game. It had huge implications on the standings and eventually playoff seeding. I am in no way saying that it would have saved us from Kaepernick’s record-breaking performance but under chaos theory it could have been dramatically different. Tate Seahawks FailMary

Clearly this call has left a bad taste in my mouth and when I heard that Richard Sherman invited Easely to come and umpire his charity softball event it felt like he was rubbing my face in it. The straw that broke the camels back was the picture of Golden Tate and Easely together with the referee’s hands high in the air. The attention monger is just trying to push his recently published book and glorify what I believe is the biggest mistake in football’s history. He made the wrong call, stands by that call and then over the 4th of July decides to mock me and so many others. Of course Tate won the MVP award for the softball tournament but the pictures he took with Easely just set me off.

There are a lot of “what ifs” in life and when it comes down to it sporting events don’t dictate my life, no matter how big of a fan I am. The fact of the matter is that I was over this and didn’t pay much attention to it at all, until the Seahawks embraced Easely and showed their true colors. They know the call was a joke and that’s why they glorify a nobody replacement referee. I hope no one buys his book.

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