Aaron Hernandez Charged With First Degree Murder! What Happened?

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Hernandez Murderer

It was June 17th when a young runner was passing an industrial parking lot as he had so many times before. That morning however, this young man found the body of Odin Lloyd, a former semi-pro linebacker, who had been shot “execution style” and abandoned. Soon we found out that there had been a connection between this murder investigation and New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez. Fast forward 9 days and the star player was arrested at his home and arraigned for first degree murder and 5 felony weapon charges in connection with the Lloyd investigation.

So much has taken place coming into these events and I will do my best to give you an understanding of what has taken place thus far.

As it turns out Aaron Hernandez had a close connection with Lloyd as their significant others were blood sisters. Hernandez’s fiance was the sister of Lloyd’s girlfriend, so early on it wasn’t all that suspicious that Odin was found lying near a rental car in Aaron’s name. Obviously the police had to investigate Hernandez’s role, so the June 18th search of Aaron’s home was leery but not suspicious enough to directly connect him to these tragic events. Hernandez’s innocence quickly began to erode in the public eye as it was revealed that Aaron had taken some drastic actions to keep the police from acquiring what would likely have been incriminating evidence.

It was hours after Lloyd’s body had been found that Aaron had a professional cleaning service come in and scrub his entire house. On top of that there were over 14 cameras in or around Hernandez’s compound that had nearly 6 hours of tape missing from their records. To top it all of Aaron’s high-powered attorney’s released his cell phone to them in pieces and immediately the doubt grew.

Media coverage really grew when a news helicopter decided to follow Hernandez in his Audi SUV as he drove to Gillette Stadium. Reminiscent of the old OJ car chase on the highways of Los Angeles, it was perfectly fitting that the Audi was white, just like Simpson’s notorious Bronco. OJ never stopped for gas, like Aaron decided to do and to no one’s surprise he was berated by multiple reporters. Once the arrest was made on the 26th Kato Kaelin went to Twitter to “swear [he] did NOT live in Aaron Hernandez’s guest house.”

Aaron’s car chase took place June 20th and for nearly a week things were rather quiet, but slowly the Massachusetts police were piecing together their case. As the days went by Hernandez lost his Muscle Milk endorsement, State police searched Aaron’s home, the woods near it, a swamp, that industrial parking lot, among other things. Rumors swirled that an arrest warrant had been issued for obstruction of justice due to his admitted destruction of evidence in a murder investigation. It was just yesterday that one of Hernandez’s lawyers was brazen enough to shame the media for publicizing an arrest that wasn’t going to take place.

Little did he know he was right, Hernandez was never charged with obstruction of justice, instead it was first degree murder, one count of carrying a firearm without a license, two counts of possessing a large-capacity firearm and two counts of possessing a firearm without an ID card. Before the police knocked on Aaron’s door to serve him with the arrest warrant there was so much that had been dug up in Hernandez’s past.

Some questioned his links to a gang due, searching his tattoos for clues and may have gotten one, noticing “blood” across one of his hands and blood drops on the sides. Was Aaron linked to the notorious gang or are people reading too much into it? Doesn’t help Hernandez’s argument when he has been linked to guns and bad decisions all the way back to his Florida Gator days. It was one of the reasons the Tight End fell to 113th in the draft, a steal for New England at the time. Clearly they didn’t understand just how patriotic Hernandez was when it came to the 2nd amendment. I mean the guy had a pending civil suit with a man in Florida who claimed he lost an eye as result of Hernandez shooting him in the face.

This however wasn’t the first time that the Patriots thought that they could polish someone elses turd into a beautiful stone. Hell, this isn’t even the first time that New England has had a murderer on their roster, excuse me DUI manslaughter, Donte Stallworth. Possessing firearms and aggression doesn’t seem to be an issue either, they just traded for Aqib Talib last season. New England and Bill Belichick has been under the belief that their shit doesn’t stink and they can make way with players that have troubled pasts. How did that turn out with Albert Haynesworth? It’s been nearly a decade since they’ve won a Super Bowl and the “dynasty” is a thing of the past.

Although the Patriots were unable to keep Aaron Hernandez under wraps, up until this event we knew very little about the players off the field antics. It may have come as a surprise to many, just as it looked like it was to Aaron, when the police knocked on his door Wednesday morning. Hernandez didn’t even have a shirt on when the cops showed up at 8:45 a.m. EST. They grabbed a white shirt, threw it over the 23 year old and gave a good old fashioned perp walk to the backseat of a police cruiser. It wasn’t much longer that New England officially released Hernandez and were willing to eat over $10 million in cap space because of it.

There was word of an arrest but the actual charges didn’t come to light until later in the day. It was at his arraignment that so many of the details of the case surfaced. The police may have had enough for an obstruction warrant but they didn’t serve it because then they would have had to turn over all of the evidence they were building against Aaron. Instead they waited it out, and although a lot of the case is circumstancial they had enough to charge him with the untimely death of Odin Lloyd. The criminal complaint was delivered by Bristol County first assitant attorney, William McCauley, who stated that on June 17th Aaron Hernandez “did assault and beat Odin Lloyd with intent to murder such person, and by such assault and beating, did kill and murder such person.”

It was in Judge Daniel J. O’Shea’s courtroom that McCauley laid out his initial findings that there was no doubt that Hernandez “orchestrated the execution” of Lloyd. There was never a direct claim that it was Aaron who beat, shot and killed Lloyd but rather that he was the mastermind behind it. For what? It was disclosed that the night of Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez and two accomplices saw Odin speaking to a group of men at a club that Aaron didn’t like. Rival gang possibly? Later in the night Hernandez was seen with an semi-automatic assault rifle on his surveillance tapes saying “man, you just can’t trust anyone anymore.”

That was on part of the tape that Hernandez forgot to destroy, which brings up another point. How stupid do you have to be to get rid of 6-8 hours of tape, beginning around 3:34 a.m. hours before Lloyd’s body was found? Why not destroy ALL OF THE TAPES? On top of that it turns out that Hernandez had a SECOND CELL PHONE, which had incriminating text messages between the victim and Hernandez minutes before his death. Not only that but there was communication between Aaron and the two accomplices, who have yet to be named. Is it possible that one or both of them flipped on Hernandez, snitched and helped put together the shaky case the prosecution is moving forward with.

Money talks and perps walk, just like OJ Simpson did so many years before and Hernandez’s hiring of high-powered attorney Michael Fee may be his only hope. Fee argued that this is “a circumstantial case, not a strong case.” He may be right, as right now there is very little that points the finger directly at Hernandez but if you check out Twitter, Facebook and even some media agencies Aaron is all but guilty. Hernandez is going to be stuck in jail for a while as bond was not set and he will be held without bail. Fee argued that his client isn’t a flight risk and despite his questionable history he has never been charged with a violent crime.

The honorable Judge O’Shea is doing his best to take control of this circus, but issued a gag order ruling to the attorneys involved in the case reluctantly. This is going to be a lengthy process and the internet is already going crazy over Hernandez’s new uniform, a jail outfit, that he’s going from a Tight End to a Wide Receiver but there’s something not a lot of people are talking about. Divine intervention! That’s right, Timmy Tebow now rises up the depth charts for the Patriots if only he agrees to a different position. I mean c’mon Gronk has been battling these crazy infections and numerous surgeries and now Aaron Hernandez is sitting in a jail cell. Although Tebow has yet to agree to a position change it seems that he may have risen once again from the darkness he faced just a few weeks ago. I don’t think that’s likely, rather Belichick will go out and sign a stop-gap just like he did with Alge Crumpler before drafting both Gronk and Hernandez.

No matter how you spin this it has been a shitty week in Boston, the Bruins choked away the Stanley cup in a matter of seconds. Celtics coach Doc Rivers was traded to the Clippers, that’s right a head coach was traded in the NBA. On top of Jesus Shuttlesworth, I mean Ray Allen, burying a clutch 3-pointer to help the Miami Heat win a Championship. Now their beloved Patriots are staring a below .500 season in the face.


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