Saban The Day! ‘Bama Rolls Irish in National Championship

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Saban Gatorade Shower

The 2013 BCS Championship between the #1 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the #2 Alabama Crimson was promoted as a battle of two powerhouse programs. Historically they are incomparable, nobody holds a light to the Irish or Tide but on Monday night there was a huge disparity between the two. The Nick Saban led Crimson Tide rolled Notre Dame over and beat them handily 14-42, securing their 3rd BCS Title in 4 years and back-to-back Championships. For Saban it was his 4th crystal football, 3 with ‘Bama and 1 with LSU in 2003, he, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Frank Leahy and John McKay are the only coaches to win at least 4 national championships.

Everyone knew that there was going to be winners and losers but the biggest impact on the game was due to an Auburn Tiger, War Eagle! A.J. McCarron’s mother has been given unnecessary media coverage in the past due to her need to show off her chesticles, but this time it was another lady in the QB’s life. His girlfriend Katherine Webb was shown multiple times throughout the night and understandably so. Webb is the reigning Miss Alabama and an Auburn graduate who is striking, so much so that she excited color-man Brent Musberger a little too much.

His reaction has been blown out of proportion but when he tells young Alabama boys to get in the back yard and start throwing the football because “you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women,” it got a little creepy. It wasn’t just Muss who was infatuated with the young woman, it seems that America did as well. She started the day with just a few thousand Twitter followers but by the end of the night she was near 100k. The fact that Katherine Webb stole the show last night shows you just how big of a blowout this game was and it didn’t stop with just one beautiful babe making an impact on Twitter. Model Kate Upton tried to cheer up the Irish by Tweeting “it’s okay Notre Dame this happened to the Jets every week.” Maybe Ms. Webb’s boyfriend can forgo his senior season and help that New York franchise turn it around; I heard their QB play could be improved.

A.J. McCarron became the first QB to win 2 BCS Titles, as the previous three to attempt it all failed, Chris Weinke with Florida State, Ken Dorsey with Miami and Matt Leinart with USC. Hopefully McCarron can also become the first of this group to be successful on the next level, but that may be unlikely. A.J. however did have a solid game against one of the nation’s toughest defenses, throwing for 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. Notre Dame had allowed just 2 QBs to throw for multiple touchdowns, never more than 2, and they had 7 games without allowing any touchdowns while having just 3 QBs throw for more than 200 yards, McCarron had 264 the 2nd most allowed all year. The QB play was a big reason why the Crimson Tide were able to jump to a 35-0 lead but there were other reasons as well.

Mainly, ‘Bama’s big-threat backfield of Eddie Lacey and T.J. Yeldon who both ran for over 100 yards and a touchdown. The Irish had allowed just 2 100 yard rushers all season long but they allowed both Tide running backs to have their way with them. Notre Dame stood out because of their stout defense but there was an uncanny amount of missed tackles in the team’s biggest game of the year, including by Heisman candidate Manti Te’o. Te’o had supposedly missed just 1 tackle all season long, but that may have been due to the caliber of his opponents. When he was faced with the elite talent of the SEC he was defenseless and McCarron’s first TD pass to Michael Williams was on a play exposing Te’o. All of the accolades and awards in the world don’t create a player, it is his play that does, and the performance of the entire Irish defense was disappointing to say the least. They had allowed just 10 touchdowns all season long and in the biggest game of their young careers they allowed the Tide to score 6.

Notre Dame fans have been waiting 25 years for another shot at a national championship but it seems as if God and Touchdown Jesus were incapable of answering the Irish’s prayers. Notre Dame was embarrassed from beginning to end and although there was a questionable interference call on a punt early in the game, neither that, nor any other call nor non-call would have made a difference. Notre Dame was dominated and there are a few things that we can come away with after this blowout loss. The BCS Title game is actually the SEC Championship game and the entire bowl system is a joke. You could argue that there are 6 teams in the SEC that could have beaten Notre Dame (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina) had they played at all during this season, not just in a title game. We are shifting towards a playoff system, but that is just a 4-game bracket that will be incorporated into the oh so successful bowl system.

Alabama’s victory secured the 7th consecutive national championship for a team from the SEC; the last time a team from the conference lost a national championship to a team not in the SEC was when Nebraska beat Florida in the ’96 Fiesta Bowl. It is hard to argue against the SEC. Some wonder whether or not Saban will leave for the NFL but I wouldn’t bet on it because he has the ability to coach the best university in the best football conference in all of college football. That’s why he always acts so ecstatic when his team gives him the beloved Gatorade shower whenever he wins big games. Last year when they beat LSU Saban was hit with the jug and looked pissed. This year he made sure that his assistants taught the athletes how to properly administer the celebration and he looked much more jovial.

Despite being the curmudgeon that Nick Saban undeniably is, he has re-built the Alabama football dynasty. Roll Tide!

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