Ex-Football Player Hospitalized By First Grader

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A former Division III college football player broke his ankle and injured his knee but it wasn’t from a vicious hit on the field. Rather, John Webster was accosted by a 4’2” 50 pound 6 year old boy while he was escorting a group of 1st graders to the lunchroom cafeteria. The first grader a young boy named Rodrigo Carpio began to jump and spin on the stairs just as many of us have in the past. Webster attempted to stop him, but after Carpio didn’t listen to his vocal commands the 27 year old 5’10” 220 pound man grabbed the boy by his arm.

And that’s when it happened.

Carpio began to kick Webster in the leg with the heel of his foot, before spinning around and kicking him right in the knee. Webster said that the boy “was very strong” and that he “heard a pop to my knee [when he kicked me]” and in the aftermath it was determined that Webster had a broken ankle and his right knee required surgery. Webster claims that his medical bills have skyrocketed over $10,000 and he is submitting those bills to the Department of Education.

Webster’s lawyer said that this was not the first incident with Carpio and that the school should have taken additional steps, “like providing an alternative school rather than mainstreaming him.”  Webster said that the boy “looks like an angel, but then all of a sudden, that halo turns into horns. It’s been a nightmare” and that this situation is “embarrassing” and “humiliating”. Which is stating it lightly. This man is probably the first football player to be hospitalized by a six year old.

The young boy’s father says that the “lawsuit is totally absurd. How could my little boy do so much damage?” This makes me wonder if a boy of Carpio’s size is even capable of causing the injuries that Webster claims to have suffered from this lunch-line incident. The charges seem trumped up, especially after the former running back from Morrisville State College claimed he was advised to stay away from work for several months. This is of due to his physical and emotional state. Not only does Webster have the physical injuries but he also has been seeing a therapist because of the stress caused from this incident. A Department of Education doctor advised the teacher to return to work last month.

Webster’s lawyer, Andrew Siben, said that “[Carpio} is clearly a tiny terror” and that “it’s sad that teachers like Mr. Webster are not offered protection from someone who can endanger other teachers and students.” Actually, it’s sad that this teacher is trying to run this kid’s name through the mud and gain money from the state for a scenario I would be embarrassed to admit to myself, let alone the entire world. UPDATE: John Webster broke his ankle and sprained his knee when he was attacked by a sasquatch in the woods while eating beef jerky. No, he’s sticking with the story that a 6 year old beat him up. Okay.

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